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Expertise in wide gamut of (NPI) New Product Introduction involving PPE (Face Mask, Coverall), wearables, technical fabric, functional clothing


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Passionate about new technology & innovation, with a desire to engage in high end technology development to support MAKE IN INDIA

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Provide end to end support to enterprenure in PPE , Wearables & Technical Textiles

Technical & Certification Consultancy

Assist in developing new product to solve problems and innovate existing product to add value, product compliance and certification (CE, NIOSH, ISO)

Intellectual Property

Assist in Intellectual Property landscaping through farsighted innovation

Right & Fast

Top Projects

Executing crucial strategic business & technology projects from scratch, with quick turn around time and optimum resource utilization

Setting up Advanced Materials Division. Developed woven filtration fabrics. Developed glass fabric, bullet proof fabric and FR curtains for Indian Railway. Plant layout, ERP solution, Supply chain


Cerated a (COE) centre of excellence for textile and design to support global portfolio of PPEs' involving textile and polymeric components. Creating off-shore pattern making support for manufacturing site in US, Certification & compliance (CE & NFPA)

— Honeywell

Developed products and generated IP for End of service life determination in PPE, Comfortable sleeve harness for electrical safety

— Honeywell

Submitted multiple projects in platform funding. Executed research project to develope an optimised PLA - Cotton blended yarn enabling enhansed usage of cotton fibers in sports goods application; Contribution in vision document creation


Developed and patented a wide gamut of E-textile an smart clothing products.


Strategic inputs in technical textile development, considering adjacency

— Anubha Industries

Guidance and documentation for CE certification of FFP2 flat fold face mask

— MAF Clothing

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KamlaTech is a Startup Innovation & Technology Consulting firm. It aims to provide strategic direction to Textile & related business on future market trends & adaptation needs to thrive in fast evolving times. KamlaTech offers end to end services from making business decision to taking product to market. KamlaTech success mantra are its young & dynamic team members who dare to think beyond boundaries & striving to achieve the toughest targets

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